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Andreas Treske treske at bilkent.edu.tr
Tue Jun 30 06:35:45 CEST 2009

Here we go - YouTube launches its reporter center - mobile phone  
journalists in the need of education


See also Chris Albrecht on the website Newteevee:


 From Newteevee:  “learn practical and ethical tips, like how to fact  
check your stories, avoid breaking the law while reporting, and adhere  
to journalistic principles.” and "The Reporters’ Center is a timely  
addition to the site, considering just how much the Internet is  
changing the face of journalism. During recent crackdowns on  
protesters, YouTube provided Iranians with an outlet to let their  
stories be seen. CNN’s citizen journalism site, iReport, saw a spike  
in submissions from Iran; and the mobile phone-filmed death of “Neda”  
punctuated the protests with an all-too-real tragedy."

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