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Another citation from Informitv:

TV Anywhere
The TV Everywhere concept promoted by Time Warner and Comcast is  
ambitious in name but modest in its initial scope. Pay television  
providers like Sky in the United Kingdom already offer a comprehensive  
online service, while the main British broadcast networks now make the  
majority of their programmes available online. As yet there is little  
integration between these services and they tend to be tied to  
particular territories. The rights issues involved in geographic  
roaming have yet to be addressed. The challenges are more commercial  
than technical. A standardised single sign-on system based on  
subscription entitlements and personalised advertising is certainly  
technically achievable. The end game is surely to deliver media  
anytime, anywhere, over any network provider, to any compatible  
device. Although this may be technically inevitable, it still feels we  
are some way from TV Anytime, Anywhere.

Dr William Cooper
Chief Executive


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