<videovortex> David Lynch Launches TM TV Site (geert lovink)

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> 1.  David Lynch Launches TM TV Site (geert lovink)
> David Lynch Launches Transcendental TV Site
> By Scott Thill

eia hola,

Once I downloaded from a filesharing network (p2p-karagarga) one of  
Lynch's meditation routines, I was never able to follow them til the  

Today I went into the new TM site and watched this video:

This time I lost track watching his elbows, the jacket has this big  
holes. Not that i want to drive this thread to senseless details but  
could not hold to comment on this, having such a clean website,  
offering even "HD" video and then the funny holes.., very Lynchian  
wonder how that is part of the TM message, seems i have a homework !.

Im guessing that on his next video his shadow project some gigantic  
rabbit ears.


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