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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

In case you have not heard already, I was recently appointed as the  
Director of Programming for the inaugural edition of the New Media  
Film Festival.  The event takes place in Los Angeles this June.

Here is our official website: http://www.newmediafilmfestival.com

I certainly hope you can attend as well as submit your latest films,  
videos, and other dazzling audiovisual content. The official  
announcement for the festival is below.

Best, Noel

P.S. You can use the promotional code NM254 to get $5 off the  
submission fee.

The New Media Film Festival (NMFF) spotlights stories worth telling.  
We are looking for films that exemplify the power of the cinematic  
arts to inspire and transform. The festival celebrates innovative and  
imaginative visual work that can make audiences laugh, cry, think, and  
go beyond the ordinary.

In its inaugural year, NMFF will exhibit a selection of both short and  
long-form works that exhibit a strong personal vision combined with  
the highest standards of creative excellence and technical  
achievement. The films will be judged by a jury of notable film  
executives who will award a $10,000 grand prize of goods and services  
from Big Vision Studios (http://www.bigvision.com). All finalists also  
will be viewed by distributors for possible online, theatrical, or  
broadcast distribution.

Last but not least, any filmmaker who submits their work to the NMFF  
will receive FREE producer software ($89 value) from Showbiz Software (http://www.showbizsoftware.com 

Go to this website to submit your films: https://www.newmediasubmissions.com/


Feature Length – Documentary – Shorts – 3D – Webseries – Webisode –  
Mobisode – Mobile – Shot on RED

We are very eclectic in our tastes. All ages, all cultures, all new  
media should apply.


The first annual New Media Film Festival celebrates the art of  
storytelling in the Digital Age. NMFF runs June 11-13 at the Downtown  
Independent Theater (http://www.downtownindependent.com/) in downtown  
Los Angeles. Filmmakers, artists, and anyone who enjoys watching  
movies are welcome and invited to attend.

Highlights of the festival include an opening night celebration with a  
celebrity Red Carpet, an opening night film shot on RED, a midnight 3D  
pajama party, and various unique panel discussions with top industry  
professionals including new media leaders Ted Schilowitz (RED Camera),  
3D expert  Per Peterson (Peter Jackson, Panasonic), Greg Reitman  
(Sundance winner) among others. Tickets for these special  
opportunities are available starting at $10.00 for general admission  
and can be purchased online at http://www.newmediafilmfestival.com.

Selected films will compete for a grand prize Big Vision Studio  
package worth over $10,000. The NMFF is searching for the best  
“stories worth telling, in all media that are innovative, imaginative,  
and inspirational,” according to founder Susan Johnston who is also an  
award winning independent filmmaker. Winners will be selected by an  
impressive group of expert celebrity judges including Erin Gray, Lisa  
Precious, Camille Solari, Shi Haifley, Kate Mucci, Prince Lorenzo de  
Medici, John Bovino, Dan Stoloff, Noel Lawrence, and Ed Lantz. Top  
Finalists in each category will be awarded a software package valued  
at $1,000 from Showbiz Software. In addition, entries also have an  
opportunity to be viewed by distributors and receive downloadable  
Producer software valued at $89.00.

2010 NMFF sponsors include Big Vision Studios, Susan Johnston Casting,  
Digital Express, Sundaram Tagore Gallery, Showbiz Software, Select  
Service Films, Inc., ICIO Water, and Starbucks Coffee. For more  
information on sponsors or on becoming a sponsor, please visit http://www.newmediafilmfestival.com 

The New Media Film Festival was created with an endorsement from C3 –  
The Center for Conscious Creativity (http:// 
ringfestival.wordpress.com), and is an adjunct to The Ring Festival as  
announced at the November 16, 2009 meeting helmed by United Nations/  
Millenium futurist Jerome Glenn.

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