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Michael Wesch mwesch at k-state.edu
Wed Jan 27 12:36:08 CET 2010

I agree that it would not be appropriate to gather personal
information, and the line between personal and public needs to be a
central part of the discussion.  Some way of easily aggregating the
public data could be useful (something as simple as being able to see
a breakdown of self-reported ages, countries, video style, interests,
etc.).  Others have also suggested a comment search (which they
already have in the testtube area) that could give keyword

As a qualitative researcher, this data is not especially important to
my work, but I frequently receive questions from other researchers
about the possibility of getting data from YouTube.  Before I start
the discussion with them I just want to make sure I request all the
data people need.

On Wed, Jan 27, 2010 at 2:40 AM, politube <admin at politube.org> wrote:
> Dear Mr. Wesch,
>     my first question is: Before asking for information, is it at all
> appropriate for Google to release information, among others about their
> users, in particular to 3rd parties? Just because we would "like to
> have" this data, doesn't mean that we should collect it or for that
> matter, google release them.
> best regards
> Kuros Yalpani
> politube.org
> Geert Lovink wrote:
>> From: mwesch at ksu.edu
>> Dear colleagues,
>> After several meetings with representatives at YouTube, I am in a
>> position to open up a discussion with them about the possibility of
>> them releasing additional data about their videos and users to
>> researchers. Before I begin this discussion, I would like to know the
>> types of data that you might need or want.  We have all been involved
>> in some project when we thought "I wish I knew ..." and then realized
>> that it would take a complicated screen-scrape or intensive sampling
>> to find a less than perfect solution while YouTube/Google holds the
>> data we need if they would just give it to us.   I want to make sure I
>> address everybody's needs when I discuss this with them, so please let
>> me know of any data that would be of interest to you and your
>> research.  I can't promise anything, but I would like to give this a
>> shot.
>> Thanks,
>> Mike Wesch
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