<videovortex> Second Call for Papers: Besides the Screen Symposium

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Wed Jun 9 13:16:39 CEST 2010

PLEASE NOTE: The deadline for abstracts has now been extended to June 25th 2010

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Call for Papers – "Besides the Screen: Moving Images during
Distribution, Exhibition and Consumption"

27th November 2010 - Goldsmiths, London

New media technologies impact cinema well beyond the screen; they also
promote the reorganization of its logic of distribution, modes of
consumption and viewing regimes. Once, it was video and television
broadcast that disturbed traditional cinematographic experience,
revealing the image as soon as it was captured and bringing it into
the home of the audience. Nowadays, computer imaging and online
networks cause an even stronger effect to the medium, increasing the
public agency in the movie market dynamics.

In order to understand how these significant changes in the modes of
accessing and distributing moving images might affect cinematographic
experience, economy and historiography, we are obliged to rethink not
only of its future, but its past as well. Besides the Screen is a
one-day international symposium that aims to map research projects on
new and old forms of moving image distribution, exhibition and
consumption. The conference will be hosted in Goldsmiths College
(University of London) in November 2010, with the support of the
Goldsmiths Graduate School.

We invite proposals for paper presentations in the form of 250-word
abstracts, to be sent to the email besidesthescreen at gmail.com until
June 25th 2010. The list of selected works will be published online at

Suggested topics / themes:
·       Contemporary views of traditional exhibition venues
·       Online video archives and directories (archive.org, youtube)
·       Non-traditional distribution networks
·       Peer-to-peer and filesharing
·       Film&  video piracy
·       Transnational distribution
·       Projection-based performances (vjing/ live cinema/ etc.)
·       Market regulations (DVD distributions, release windows, ratings)
·       Contemporary and historical film societies
·       Non-commercial exhibition spaces (art galleries, outdoor
screenings, etc.)
·       Intersections between IPR, copyright&  film distribution/exhibition.

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