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Call for Contributions

The City as Interface @ Impakt Online
This is a call for art projects that fit the topic of ‘the City as Interface’. Impakt Online invites artists, filmmakers, architects, urban planners, researchers, programmers and the like to submit their proposals for online projects that consider the city as interface, buildings as responsive surfaces, mobile phones as tools for playing and mapping, and technological traces as data for art and research. With the Impakt festival focusing on The Matrix City this year, Impakt Online 2010 offers a space to explore the City as Interface.
About the topic
In December 2009, the Institute of Network Cultures (INC) organized an event on Urban Screens in which artists, architects and theorists presented their research and design projects that regarded the city as a space of informatics, buildings as interactive surfaces, and mobile phones as pocketsize urban screens. With this call, Impakt Online wishes to build on this research and design practice, and collaborate with the INC, the International Urban Screens Association, and other parties such as Vurb.eu and De Verdieping on commissioning new works within this field of interest. Engaging with changing conceptions, structures and practices of urban landscapes, the Impakt Online topic of “The City as Interface” works meaningfully with the Impakt festival’s overall theme of ‘Matrix City’. ‘Matrix City’ maps out the recent developments in this new urban landscape along two regularly intertwining lines. In ‘Universe in Universe’ the city is viewed as a gathering place of subcultures and communities, and ‘Media In Situ’ reflects on the city as an immersive audiovisual environment, as a modal structure in which virtual and real systems merge.

About this call
Impakt online will select and support a max. total of three online projects to be presented at Impakt.nl/online. In addition, applicants may also submit a proposal for a residency at Impakt headquarters in Utrecht, which includes a workspace and housing facilities for a period of two months.
Deadline for project proposals: April 31, 2010
Please submit your proposal (max 1000 words) and a short bio (max 500 words) to online at impakt.nl <mailto:online at impakt.nl>, by April 31, 2010.
N.B. Impakt online projects are indeed presented online, so please do not submit ideas for art installations for Impakt Festival. 
Deadline for residency proposals: March 31, 2010
Please submit your proposal for an Impakt residency (max 1000 words) and a short bio (max 500 words) to online at impakt.nl <mailto:online at impakt.nl>, by March 31, 2010.
About Impakt Online
Impakt Online is a platform for Internet art, powered by Impakt and curated by Sabine Niederer. Impakt is an organization for innovative and interdisciplinary audio-visual arts, both nationally and internationally, that resides in the Dutch city of Utrecht.
Past Impakt online participants (in order of appearance):  Igor Stromajer, Tamar Schori, Ramesh Srinivasan, Michelle Teran, Marc Tuters, Angie Waller, Marika Dermineur, Joanna Griffin, Depart, Franz Alken, Natalie Jeremijenko, JODI and Cori Arcangel, Virtual Marathon Team, Jaromil, Teun Karelse, Govcom.org, Koert van Mensvoort, Dominik Bartkowski, Gazira Babeli, Linda Hilfling, George Holsheimer & Mirjam ter Linden & Daan Odijk & Putri Sadiqah & Raoul Siepers, Theo Deutinger, Constant Dullaart.
Contact Info
Website: www.impakt.nl/online
Producer: Pim Verlaek, Curator: Sabine Niederer
Mail: online(at)impakt(dot)nl, Impakt Headquarters: +31 30 2944493.
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