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Hi, dear everybody on the VV list,

Event bellow is interesting if someone wants to send an entry?
Besides paper it can also be a piece of music or mm presentation.
Deadline is 30th april for proposals and summary receipt may 30th.


Dan Oki

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tel +385 51 492 611, 492610; fax + 385 51 330 982, 492 623
e-mail: mmsu-rijeka at ri.t-com.hr, wwww: mmsu.hr

Rijeka,  January 20, 2010

Dear Madam / Sir,

Pierre Schaeffer's work, among the ones most often mentioned when we speak
of art and “new media” in the 20th century, is actually only partially
known. Reduced to one single concept, musique concrète, it has become only
famous pre-history of something as widespread as the sampling technique.
It therefore seems that today it poses no challenge before us. But is that
really so? What would Schaeffer tell us if he were here today with us,
celebrating his hundredth birthday? And who is he actually: a media
researcher or an artist?

In this context, Rijeka offers itself as a surprisingly adequate location:
although Schaeffer has not visited this city during his life, at a certain
point of time it has been a scene of another episode, whose interplay of
“new media”, wartime, and art, maybe in a different way and in a different
sense, seems to be resounding from Schaeffer’s work as well: Are media and
art allies at all, or do they have opposite interests?

At the occasion of the hundredth anniversary of Pierre Schaeffer’s birth,
the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rijeka organizes an
international meeting at which we would very much appreciate your
participation. The basic information about this event please find enclosed
and a detailed elaboration of the program will follow after your
application. Hoping that our collaboration on this project will be

Yours sincerely

    Jerica  Ziherl
director of the MMSU

International Conference
International Conference
pierre schaeffer: mediArt
Rijeka,  October 6th- 7th, 2010

Conference Board
Dalibor Davidović (University of Zagreb, Academy of Music, Croatia)
Nikša Gligo (University of Zagreb, Academy of Music, Croatia)
Seadeta Midžić (musicologist, Zagreb, Croatia)
Daniel Teruggi (Groupe de Recherches Musicales / Institut National de
l'Audiovisuel, Paris, France)
Jerica Ziherl (MMSU, Rijeka, Croatia)

Honored guests

Jacqueline Schaeffer
François Bayle
Ivan Picelj

Dates and venue: October 6the- 7th, 2010
Astronomski Centar Rijeka / Rijeka Astronomical Center, Croatia
Art Kino Croatia, Rijeka
Muzej moderne i suvremene umjetnosti / Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art
Dolac 1 / 2, 51000 Rijeka, Croatia

In collaboration with:
Mediainmotion Berlin, University of Zagreb: Academy of Music, Academy of
Dramatic Arts, Fine Arts Academy , HDLU (Croatian Association of Visual
Artists) Zagreb
Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb, City of Rijeka, Ministry of Culture of
the Reppublic of Croatia
Conference Topics:
1.  Media OR art?
* Machines à communiquer: Schaeffer’s experience and media theory
* Acousmonium
* Beyond language
* Art from the spirit of science?
* Planetary culture – planetary power?
* Production, distribution, creation – fundamental research and its
* Entering the substance of sound – new foundation of art?

2. Media AND art?
* Pedagogy of the sound object
* Solfeggio of the sound object
* Analysis of electro-acoustic music
* Radio and art
* Performance, presentation, technologies
* Music/art as a research result?

None of these subjects are ment to be exclusive; any may be combined,
others added. Criticism of the terminology, categories and assumptions
made in this list will be perfectly acceptable. We also encourage papers
on the margins of electroacoustic music and papers which discuss works in
the fields of intermedia, installations, radio art, video music,
multimedia, sound art etc.
Call for submissions
The official language of the conference is English. For the participants
who will hold a lecture / read their paper, travel and accomodation
expenses will be covered by the organizer. Deadline for presentation
proposals receipt: April 30, 2010. Submissions including a summary of
maximum 900 characters with spaces are to be made electronically to
e-mail: jerica.ziherl at mmsu.hr. Deadline for summary receipt:  May 30, 2010

Paper acceptance decisions will be emailed to applicants by the beginning
of June.
Following the event, accepted papers will be published by the MMSU.

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