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I had previously sent a reply to this message but don't know if anyone got it. Excuse me if I am repeating myself; I'd love to meet others who love YouTube and would like to compile programs together. I am an emerging video artist, new media curator and researcher currently doing my masters at Syracuse University for Art Video. For a while my practice centered around transgressive and antisocial uses of technology and bringing that to real space/public discourse.

Curating the web and displaying its influence on postmodern subjectivity ("taking the virtual irl" so to speak) has been a trend I was very interested in for the past two years and it appears big instittuions jumped onto the bandwagon at various points in the 90s and now there's this renewed interest again with YouTube Play. 

I'm sure "rethinking curating" by Sarah Cook is probably high on your class' reading list now. I have been lurking net artists' blogs/websites and even paying attention to how they use Facebook to promote themselves.Those who use tumblr often egg each other on by reposting/reblogging others' artworks. (see STATE http://thestate.tumblr.com/) Others liked to reframe/Photoshop their peers' work in virtual exhibition space.  (Seehttp://animmaterialsurveyofourpeers.tumblr.com/) However I think publishing can't keep up with how young fresh art college graduates from west coast US are using social media and amateur blogs to distribute artwork--big museum curators seem to be thriving on their ironic uses of web 2.0. jstchillin are a two-person curatorial collective that started a page that periodically shows (and then archives) the work of a net artist--the artist pretty much does whatever they want to the page (http://jstchillin.org/)

I have curated a 2 web-based video programs that can be found here:
- loadbang (http://www.jennifer-chan.com/curatorial/loadbang/), which resulted from an open call for sexy/trashy Internet video that resulted in a one-night event at an apartment gallery. It included mashup and video installations, and also a livestreamed performance. 
- NSFW: (http://www.jennifer-chan.com/writing/nsfw-antisocial-online-video/) a video program of antisocial/unusual web-based video art and also viral videos that I presented at Open Video conference 3 weeks ago

I sort of take a bricks-and-clicks approach; if it is going to be about artwork that's fromt he web then there can't not be a virtual analogy to what is presented in the real.

Here's some recent examples I really love: 
Videos Collide in 3D space.http://videoscollideinreal3dspace.tumblr.com/
Crates and laptops: http://ittakestwotostereo.blogspot.com/2010/06/crates-and-laptops-pictures.html
NEW AGE DEFAULT  http://www.4evaconnected.org/ which positions the curator (Dieter Kloss) as a moderator of the website in which artists put whatever they want in
Curatingyoutube.net, 3 Hours in 1 Second, 2010

Because funding for media arts is scant I think that net/video artists have taken to DIY and self-organized exhibitions. Chyrstal Gallery and Preteen Gallery (Mexico) are alternative exhibition projects with big net audiences in which people are installing video and other related "virtual-to-real sculpture" in real space. Seems like however, they only like to curate their friends and friends' friends. I am also very intrigued by VideoClubParis's impulse to install themed vieo programs in public spaces and Ryeberg.org(http://ryeberg.com/) in its emphasis on the curatorial intellectualism (programs totally sorted by curtor name in Ryeberg).

There are so many negotiations with artists and even curator-as-artist decisions to be teased out when one is trying to install web-based work in exhibition/real spaces. In two cases where I was curating it, the net artist seemed to not mind what I did, and didn't think authority/originality/objective representation were issues at stake anymore, and that whether or not the virtual should be curated was a rather Cartesian question.
2 months ago I went to a talk by Sarah Cook in Toronto and the most important things I took away from it was that curating is an act of "tastemaking" and creating context.  Virtual sites like VWORK and the Jogging allow the image to stand in for the explicative curatorial text. (The Jogging has taken a major influence on definitions of net art in their posting of documentation-that-never-existed-in-real-space) Some of my net-artist friends are using Facebook to accrue images/screenshots of computer actions as performance (a la JODI i guess?) What Cook said about curatorial practice was that yes it is changing in terms of acts/practices but all curating are practices of tastemaking--doesnt matter if it's your basement web nerd or the museum administrator.

I would love to continue this discussion and hope I have helped. I know not all I mentioned have been video-based curatorial examples and you may be aware of it already, but I think they are heavily influential on how people are curating web-based artwork on the web.

Jennifer Chan

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>   1.  Call For Submissions: Appropriation Alliance Critical Remix
>      Festival 2011 (Vito Campanelli)
>   2. Re:  Who knows some online video exhibitions? (linda wallace)
>   3.  4 tuned citites (Margreet Riphagen)
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> Message: 1
> Date: Thu, 21 Oct 2010 12:39:58 +0200
> From: Vito Campanelli <info at vitocampanelli.it>
> Subject: <videovortex> Call For Submissions: Appropriation Alliance
> 	Critical Remix Festival 2011
> To: videovortex at listcultures.org
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> Call For Submissions: Appropriation Alliance Critical Remix Festival 2011
> http://appropriationalliance.org/news.html
> APPROPRIATION ALLIANCE is pleased to announce the first Critical Remix 
> Festival call for submissions. The Critical Remix Festival is a juried 
> film festival that will serve as the kick-off event for the 2011 year at 
> Gallery 25 in Fresno, CA. The opening screening will take place on 
> Thursday, January 6, 2011 from 5 PM to 10 PM. The gallery will host 
> screenings on each of the following weekends until January 30, 2011.
> The theme for this inaugural festival is "War and Oil." The call for 
> submissions is open to all artists working with the medium of Critical 
> Remix (commonly found on YouTube and also known as Political Remix Video 
> or media stylos). The remix must use found footage: for example, 
> corporate advertising, Hollywood films, TV shows, archive footage of 
> war, etc. The remix you submit must have been created after January 
> 2009, and we especially encourage new work. Our sponsors and the 
> Appropriation Alliance will serve as jurors for the festival, and are 
> interested in seeing each artist's perspective on the themes of War and 
> Oil*. An award of $1000 USD will be given to the remix artist the jury 
> finds to be most deserving.
> *To illustrate, here is a link to a Critical Remix Video on the theme of 
> War and Oil created by Diran Lyons:
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dVuh4AiZ-VY
> Submissions should be viewable on YouTube. The video should be 8 minutes 
> or less. Please send the link to your video (one video per artist), 
> along with your name, contact information, the official title of the 
> work, and a brief statement (100 words) about the video to: 
> appropriationalliance at gmail.com.
> The deadline for submissions is: Monday, December 20, 2010 5:00PM PST. 
> There is no entry fee; however we encourage a small donation to help us 
> cover costs. You can donate through paypal at: 
> http://centerfornonviolence.org/wp/contribute/ and note ?remix festival? 
> under the special notes section when you confirm your donation, or by 
> sending a check written to ?FCNV? with ?remix festival? in the memo 
> section to Fresno Center For Nonviolence, 1584 Van Ness, Fresno, CA 
> 93728. All donations are tax-deductible and appreciated.
> Artists will be notified of acceptance or decline no later than Tuesday, 
> December 28, 2010. Individuals accepted will have their work shown at 
> the event and posted on our site along with video from the opening. 
> Additionally, remixers will be given permission to remix our festival 
> and present it in a forum of their choice, needing only to notify us and 
> let viewers know your event is a selection from the Appropriation 
> Alliance Critical Remix Festival. Please note that your submission 
> indicates your agreement to allow this to take place and for 
> Appropriation Alliance to use images or excerpts from your remix for 
> promotional purposes.
> For more information on this open call for submissions, contact the 
> Appropriation Alliance at appropriationalliance at gmail.com.
> http://appropriationalliance.org
> http://appropriationalliance.blogspot.com
> http://www.youtube.com/AppropriationAllianc
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> Message: 2
> Date: Thu, 21 Oct 2010 16:45:57 +0200
> From: linda wallace <lwallace at xs4all.nl>
> Subject: Re: <videovortex> Who knows some online video exhibitions?
> To: Simon Ruschmeyer <simon at movingweb.org>
> Cc: videovortex at listcultures.org
> Message-ID: <cd3b5c2f379d1c9f1ff3df5f99ab2a53 at xs4all.nl>
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> here was one idea from curator Marina Fokidis, for the the pulse art 
> fair, NY March 2009
> http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=randomrules09#g/p
> For PULSE PLAY> Random Rules, curator Marina Fokidis has invited 
> several emerging and established artists to create their very own 
> playlists thereby presenting these artists not only as artists, but as 
> curators and as collectors as well. According to Fokidis, the active 
> use of YouTube is a form of curating and 'Different people's 
> 'playlists' are transformed into exhibitions and 'tagging' becomes a 
> process of random archiving.'
> Artists include Andrea Angelidakis, Aids 3D, AVAF, Pablo Leon de la 
> Barra, Erick Beltran, Keren Cyter, Jeremy Deller, Cerith Wyn Evans, 
> Dominique
> Gonzalez Foerster, Dora Garcia, Rodney Graham, Annika Larsson, Matthieu 
> Laurette, Ingo Niermann, Miltos Manetas, Ahmet Ogut, Angelo Plessas, 
> Lisi Raskin, Linda Wallace.
> (however I have noticed that some of the playlists no longer function 
> properly, maybe because some of the clips dropped out/were removed from 
> youtube. some of the playlists just stop, mid-list)
> linda
> On 15/10/2010, at 9:52 AM, Simon Ruschmeyer wrote:
>> Dear Video-Vortex-List-Members,
>> I'm running a course called "Curating the Web" this semester at Siegen 
>> University, Germany. Together with ?the students I would like to work 
>> out a loose taxonomy of creative/artistic online video and arrange a 
>> small (online) exhibition. Right now I'm researching existing online 
>> video exhibitions, who can point me to some (besides YouTube Play)??Do 
>> you further know if there are allready any concepts on how to 
>> categorize online video?
>> Any help would be so much appreciated!
>> Best Regards, Simon
>> Simon Ruschmeyer
>> Concept & Direction for Moving Media
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>> Portfolio:?        www.ruschmeyer.org
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> Date: Thu, 21 Oct 2010 23:25:11 +0200
> From: Margreet Riphagen <margreet at networkcultures.org>
> Subject: <videovortex> 4 tuned citites
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> http://www.4tunedcities.org/
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> Institute of Network Cultures
> HvA Interactive Media, room 05A07
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