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Hi All,
My group Artists Meeting has been presenting curated youTube videos in  
a party format.  We've found that the most effective videos tend to be  
*found* footage that is not necessarily professional nor narrative nor  
viral.  We have been using a tool developed by Jeff Crouse at eyebeam  
here in New York that allows us to create youTube triptychs.  We've  
also done four wall projections at Postmasters gallery. One wall was  
curated triptychs, two walls had staring contests ( a lone person  
staring into the camera for as long as possible without blinking) and  
one wall of  single videos requested by the audience.  The events  
depend upon the country and the cultural zeitgeist at any given  
moment.   It's like Regis Debray's idea of the Media Logos.
here's a link to some of the documentation and playlists-- http://www.artistsmeeting.org/index.php/Exhibition-Documentation/
The Guggenheim Museum is also teeming up with youTube for a video  
festival/competition that has a blog about it.  -- http://www.guggenheim.org/new-york/interact/participate/youtube-play
The parameters for discussion are quite interesting.

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> I had previously sent a reply to this message but don't know if  
> anyone got it. Excuse me if I am repeating myself; I'd love to meet  
> others who love YouTube and would like to compile programs together.  
> I am an emerging video artist, new media curator and researcher  
> currently doing my masters at Syracuse University for Art Video. For  
> a while my practice centered around transgressive and antisocial  
> uses of technology and bringing that to real space/public discourse.

G.H. Hovagimyan

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