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This brief video, Dr. Strangelove's Edit, 
<http://networkcultures.org/wpmu/videovortex/vv-reader>brings together a 
number of my responses to the new, exciting, and very significant Video 
Vortex Reader II 
<http://networkcultures.org/wpmu/videovortex/vv-reader>: Moving Images 
Beyond YouTube.

In the video I play the role of /enfant terrible/ and take up a 
contrarian stance to some of the claims' made by the text's authors. One 
should keep in mind that I also agree with many of the authors' claims, 
and the text is filled with significance and insight. It is destined to 
become a key text for the study of online video.

My video is intended to act as a conceptual remix of the VV Reader, in 
much the same way as music videos are reedited and added to a video 
mashup by music fans. I am a fan of the text and this is my amateur fan 
art, or fan amateur art, or art fan amateur.

The text of Dr. Strangelove's Edit 
<http://networkcultures.org/wpmu/videovortex/vv-reader> reads as follows:

There is incredible evidence of quality on YouTube
It is liberating us from the control of commercial television and 
state-sponsored moving images.
The viewer of online moving images is never completely passive.
The appearance of new media continues to shape our situation.
Much has changed and there is much change ahead.
All media use is social.
The history and theory of cinema is not the key conceptual lens through 
which to look at new media.
Commercial forms of moving images must now share considerable mindspace 
with user generated culture.
YouTube is a hotbed of innovative aesthetics.
YouTube is a centre of innovation in culture and style.
It is a mistake to think that online video is transforming active 
citizens into passive spectators.
Online video is a centre of political and social activism and collective 
Online video both enhances and degrades the authentic.
It is neither completely the one nor the other.
Online interaction, online video, is always connected to the offline world.
There is no barrier between the two.
We live with our feet in both worlds at the same time.
There is no shortage of ideological debates taking place through online 
There is no shortage of collective responses being engendered through 
online video.
Online video is a collective, ideological, phenomenon, as much as 
offline action is or is not.
The Internet medium does not prevent us from putting two and two together.
The Internet helps us to make connections between ideas, between 
peoples, and between individuals.
The Internet community does not constitute and blind mob.
Although it is clear that intellectuals have trouble seeing clearly.
Online video does not interfere with our ability to reflect properly and 
respond accurately.
There is genuine collective response from the online community.
The activist potential is enhanced by online video.
It is ridiculous to claim that the amateur image has completely lost its 
status as documentary.
It is exceedingly arrogant to claim that the Internet as a medium is 
more interesting than most of its content.
Massive usage is an indication of relevance.

Seven days to VV #6!

Dr. Strangelove
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