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What is to be seen?
Film series selected by Chto Delat? in the framework of the exhibition  
What is to be Done Between Tragedy and Farce?

Early Works, (Rani Radovi)
dir. Zelimir Zilnik, Yugoslavia, 1969, 87 min

This film took the top honor at the 1969 Berlin Film Festival. After a  
series of documentaries, this marks the directorial debut for Zelimir  
Zilnik. It takes a decidedly anti-Stalinist view in the wake of the  
1968 Russian invasion of Czechoslovakia and raises important political  
questions. He states that although the world has experienced untold  
wars, there have only been a handful of revolutions with any lasting  
significance that lead to political change.
Reservations | Sun 6 March 19:45

The Agitators (Agitátorok)
dir. Dezsö Magyar, Hungary, 1986, 78 min

A unique perspective of the paradoxical story of the Hungarian Soviet  
republic of 1919. The historical background -as formulated by  
impassioned disputes within the "intellectual group" of the party,  
philosophical monologues and film archives - serves more as an excuse  
to search for a general model of revolution which can be applied to  
later 20th century examples of revolution (1956 and 1968).
Reservations | Wed 9 March 19:45

FREE FILM PROGRAMME | Selected by Chto Delat?
Cultural producers – between mission, commissions and desires

dir. Lutz Becker, October 1975, 29:48 min
Students’ Cultural Centre, Belgrade

Cinema Notes deals with the dynamics between the language of art and  
the system of art, and more widely, society as a whole. The film  
starts from the analysis of a concrete situation – it is the context  
of Yugoslav self-managing socialism and the concept of contemporary  
art in its critical mode, as set up within the framework of the New  
Artistic Practices of the 1970s. The textual source for this film lies  
in the statements of artists, curators and critics created within the  
framework of the project October 75 in the Belgrade Students’ Cultural  
Centre. The SCC regularly organized alternative ‘October Events’ set  
against the state-managed event the October Salon, which appropriated  
the bourgeois prerogative of salon that was l'art pour l'art  
orientated. In 1975, Dunja Blazevic, at that time an editor for a  
visual arts programme, proposed to individuals and groups collected  
around this alternative cultural institution a project of thinking  
through the concept of self-management via affirmative or critical  
positioning. Lutz Becker was there to record the event and present the  
different attitudes and positions through film and the language of  
montage. Cinema Notes is composed of verbal statements and  
performative gestures by numerous protagonists of the New
Artistic Practice in former Yugoslavia that participated in October  
75. The artistic views that we see here are directed towards  
investigation of the social role of art through (re)consideration of  
the concepts of form, autonomy, economy and politics. The field of art  
in this film is shown as a ‘field of struggle’ through which various  
approaches and action strategies are sharply polarized. Set against  
the backdrop of today’s strategy of the culturalization of politics,  
Cinema Notes takes us back to the burning issues related to the  
politization of art. /// Jelena Vesic

dir. kpD (collective “Das kleine postfordistische Drama” was formed by  
Marion von Osten, Isabell Lorey, Katya Reichard, Brigitta Kuster)
Zürich/Berlin 2004, 32 min, English subtitles

Fifteen cultural workers from Berlin were interviewed using a revised  
questionnaire that was first introduced by militant workers' in Italy  
in the 1960s. The interviews were completed in full, the footage was  
then cut with actors in a staged casting situation in Zurich who  
interpreted the interviews before the camera. The small post-Fordist  
drama looks at the social context in which cultural producers position  
themselves today as they’re increasingly stylized to be Role Models of  
economic privatization and commodification of the social will. kpD was  
part of the exhibition project Atelier Europa in the spring of 2004 at  
the Kunstverein Munich and in the genealogy of Be creative!, Zurich  
2002, and the wrong-Life Show 2001/02 at the Volksbühne.

VZHODNA HISA (The Eastern House)
dir. Marina Grzinic, Aina Smid, Ljubljana
Video, digital Beta, 17.33 min, colour

The Eastern house rereads some key names and some sequences from film  
history: Antonioni (Blow-up), Coppola (Apocalypse now), Don Siegel. It  
re-articulates the body and conceptual happenings performed in the  
Eastern European context. The video is a homage to Nesa Paripovic  
happenings and body actions from the 1970s in Belgrade. The text is a  
political intervention in the field of theory regarding the question  
of global capitalism and the radical position of technology in the  
cyberworld with a clear reference to a cyberfeminst attitude and  
positioning. In this respect the question of sex and empathy in the  
cyberworld is raised as well as the ethical and political questioning  
of cloning and hybrid identities. As one of the key moment in the  
video is the re-reading of the Bush's USA war against Iraq, 2003.
Reservations | Mon 7 / Tue 8 / Thur 10 / Fri 11/ Mon 14 / Tue 15 March  

Film premiere The Museum Songspiel by Chto Delat?
The directors of the Van Abbe Museum and SMART Project Space invite  
you for the premiere of Chto Delat?'s new film The Museum Songspiel,  
co-produced by SMART Project Space and Van Abbe Museum, Eindhoven. The  
premiere of the film concludes the two month residency of Chto Delat  
at SPS.
Reservations | Wed 16 March 20.00

Last week exhibition | The Statement Series

Chto Delat?
What is to be Done Between Tragedy and Farce?
Open daily until 13 March 2011

Chto Delat? is one of the most significant contemporary collectives of  
their generation who use the framework of art production to explore  
themes of political theory and activism set within the context of the  
history of their native Russia. The group is composed of artists,  
philosophers and writers who have been active since 2003.

The universal question “What is to be done?” historically marks the  
position of the left in merging tactics and strategy of their  
politics, whilst matching intellectual ideas and everyday practical  
work. The answers are always locally and historically conditioned. For  
their new exhibition at SMART Project Space, What is to be done  
Between Tragedy and Farce?, Chto Delat? map the complexity of Russia’s  
political and social context in the form of a comprehensive programme  
consisting of spatial installations, performances, lectures, film  
screenings, publications, and workshops. This is the first time they  
have set this task upon themselves, deciding to work with an enormous  
and chaotic statistical database of information that represents  
Russian reality. Oil production figures, records of homeless people,  
tax revenues and levels of wages, numbers of murders and birth rates,  
the growth of inequality and the military-industrial complex, the  
index of xenophobia and depopulation, and the list goes on and on.

Realised by Nikolay Oleynikov, Natalya Pershina (Gluklya), Olga  
Egorova (Tsaplya) and Dmitry Vilensky.

Upcoming exhibition

 From the Relative Truth to the Absolute Error
Opening reception and Errorist Night, Saturday 19 March, 19 hrs

Join us at SMART Project Space for the exhibition opening From the  
Relative Truth to the Absolute Error by the Argentinean collective  
Etcetera... Resisting the passivity and skepticism of relativist  
postmodernism, Etcetera… unlock their labyrinth of errors through an  
appraisal of the triumph of failure. The group exploits the exhibition  
stage as a temporary platform for the International Errorism Movement  
that was established in 2005. The exhibition is in dialogue with Chto  
Delat?’s current Statement exhibition What is to be done between  
Tragedy and Farce?, as an integral concurrance of presentations. The  
exhibition incorporates Chto Delat?’s new film The Museum Songspiel.

Join Etcetera in the Errorist Kabaret for an Errorist Night of  
performances, music and screenings presented by Federico Zukerfeld and  
Loreto Guzman special guests include Lado Darakhvekidze, Sebastian  
Diaz Morales, Stephen Wright and music by The Errorist.

Exhibition until Sun 24 April

New film this week

Heartbeats (Les amours imaginaires)
dir. Xavier Dolan (CAN 2010, 95 min) French spoken, Dutch subtitles

Francis and Marie are close friends. One day, during a lunch, they  
meet Nicolas, a young man from the country newly arrived in town. As  
one rendezvous leads troublingly to another—whether real or imagined,  
the signs are all bad—each of the two friends slides deeper into  
obsessive fantasies around the same object of desire. And the deeper  
they slide, the more their once cast-iron friendship begins to crack  
under the pressure of competing for the new kid on the block.
Reservations | Thu 24 Feb 20:00 and 22:00

Still screening Curaçao, Armadillo and Catfish. Please check our  
website for the programme

Film & Dinner

Rediscover some everlasting modern classics while enjoying a refined  

In The Mood For Love
dir. Wong Kar-Wai

Set in Hong Kong, 1962, Chow Mo-Wan is a newspaper editor who moves  
into a new building with his wife. At approximately the same time, Su  
Li-zhen, a beautiful secretary and her executive husband also move in  
to the crowded building. With their spouses often away, Chow and Li- 
zhen spend most of their time together as friends. They have  
everything in common from noodle shops to martial arts. Soon, they are  
shocked to discover that their spouses are having an affair. Hurt and  
angry, they find comfort in their growing friendship even as they  
resolve not to be like their unfaithful mates.
Wed 9 March 19:45 | 30 tickets available! Reservations: 020 - 616 99 94

Out in public
Screening and Q&A with media artist Natalie Bookchin, moderated by  
Bart Rutten (Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam)

As part of the Video Vortex #6 conference about moving images on the  
internet and taking place in Amsterdam (March 11-12), the Institute of  
Network Cultures [http://networkcultures.org], in association with  
SMART Project Space invite you to an evening screening with  
internationally exhibited media artist Natalie Bookchin. Using webcam  
footage, YouTube videos and vlogs as source material throughout her  
work, Bookchin’s video installations explore new forms of documentary,  
address conditions of mass connectivity, isolation and individuality,  
and uncover the stories we are telling about ourselves and the world.

Tue 15 March 19:30-21:30

Sunday High Tea & Live Music at Lab111
in association with Smart Project Space

Come and enjoy the atmosphere, music and food at Lab111 with Leah  
Kline and friends.

Sun 6 & 27 March and 3 & 17 April. High Tea from 14:00-17:00, and live  
music 16:00-18:00, € 17,50

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