<videovortex> Post-TV: Piracy, Cord-Cutting, and the Future of Television

Dr. Strangelove Michael at Strangelove.com
Wed Apr 8 23:06:57 CEST 2015

Congratulations on your Video Theory text, Andreas! Looking forward to 
reading you. I am particularly interested in your forthcoming video 
promo. I am leaving for Paris and Barcelona in a week and hope to shoot 
some footage for a promo for my second text on Internet video culture, 
just published by the University of Toronto Press:

Post-TV: Piracy, Cord-Cutting, and the Future of Television

I plan to focus on the use of the camera by tourists and the coming 
plague of the selfie-stick in museums.

Here is the last paragraph of Post-T V:

"There is a terrible irony to the state of copyright law. Under pressure 
from the entertainment industry governments have changed laws, increased 
penalties, decreased consumer rights, and eroded the principles of fair 
dealing and fair use. All this has resulted from the dissemination of 
overblown statistics and propaganda from the media industry. In other 
words, the policy-making process has been captured by major corporations 
who lied to government officials, distorted facts, eroded public rights, 
and advanced private interests at the expense of common culture. If we 
were serious about serious crime we would demand that the media industry 
make reparations for influencing public officials, warping legislation, 
and criminalizing mass behaviour. Some of the richest corporations in 
the world have manipulated public policy to unjustly advance private 
gain. A terrible crime has been committed against all of us. These 
economic and political inequities provide fertile ground for a 
disruptive post-television culture to take root among the global online 


Dr. Strangelove

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