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The fourth edition of FIBER Festival takes place from 11 to 14 May in Amsterdam and remains THE international hub for lovers and makers of innovative digital culture, audiovisual art and electronic music. FIBER Festival attracts over 50 participating speakers and artists, 2500 visitors and a wide selection of local businesses and organizations, who will gather in the city of Amsterdam. FIBER connects with both a local and international audience of young, professional creators and enthusiasts who are operating at the frontiers of digital technology, to create or encounter immersive and mind-bending experiences. The festival just released a dense program of audiovisual performances, live/DJ sets, installations, conference talks and labs.

The 10-day exhibition in collaboration with Looiersgracht 60 shows works of Semiconductor (UK), JODI (NL) & MFP (UK), Quadrature (DE) and Ralf Baecker (DE). The Conference presents Memo Akten (UK), Refik Anadol (TR/US), Jussi Parikka (FI/UK) and Femke Herregraven (NL). They are just a few of the names that fill the two-day international conference at De Brakke Grond. The music- and performance program accomodates Sendai (BE), Sky H1 (BE), Pita (AU) and Recent Arts (DE/ CHL). The FIBER team was inspired by the connections between today’s experimental art and a renewed interest in the ancient field of alchemy. Through an extensive program of conference talks, a public exhibition, AV performances, and live electronic music, the festival explores the theme Prima Materia; alchemical thinking and making in art, design and music.

FIBER Festival  2017
May 11 -14
http://www.fiberfestival.nl (http://www.fiberfestival.nl/)

FIBER Festival 2017 Prima Materia

Prima Materia shows the work of artists and designers who question and reimagine the relationship between man, technology and matter. Technology has a profound effect on nature and can help us find a sustainable and emotional relation with the earth. At the same time it is getting harder and harder to predict our future as a human race in the context of fast technological developments of things like artificial intelligence, big data and decentralised networks - developments that feel almost like organic, all-encompassing forces of nature. The human scale and the tools that we use to interpret the world with are being radically transformed. We seem to be caught in the middle of invisible forces.

Back in the day alchemists speculatively worked with matter to understand the design of the universe. Their main focus was reaching the mythical Prima Materia, the metaphysical matter that would connect everything in the cosmos. For a long time alchemy was considered a mystical pseudoscience, but it now becomes unmistakably clear that it is a precursor for contemporary science and the development of our knowledge about matter. FIBER points out extraordinary similarities between the work of alchemists and the modern interdisciplinary artists, designers, programmers and engineers.

See the full program here: http://2017.fiberfestival.nl/programme (http://2017.fiberfestival.nl/programme/)

See you in Amsterdam!

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