<videovortex> New Formats, Actors, and Places in audiovisual Media

Andreas Broeckmann broeckmann at leuphana.de
Sun Apr 30 16:33:22 CEST 2017

Display, Disruption, Disorder
New Formats, Actors, and Places in audiovisual Media

Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts
Lucerne, 17–18 Nov 2017

The field of audiovisual media has changed dramatically over the last two decades. Until recently, the amount of audiovisual technologies was manageable; channels of distribution were few; media and film schools taught their students a broadly accepted canon of crafts and skills. Graduates would work as self-employed filmmakers or photographers and as technicians, as representatives and media developers for TV-Stations or other media-companies. Those days are over. Digitization and distribution via the Internet and social media have proved a massive disruption to traditional structures. Young directors and media producers need to find positions in an ever-shifting media ecology, constantly facing the pressure to adapt to a wide array of technological, economical as well as social changes. These shifts in tools, professional status, networks, and aesthetics have had a huge impact on authorial agendas ...

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