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Nina Shiel nina.shiel3 at mail.dcu.ie
Tue Sep 2 11:49:21 CEST 2014

Hello all from Ireland,

I'm Nina Shiel, a PhD candidate at Dublin City University on the brink of
finishing up. My field is Comparative Literature and my main interest is
the mutual cycle of influence between technology and literature as well as
the potential for playing with concepts like form and genre that the
internet and digital media in general allow. I got very interested in
internet history, particularly in terms of graphics and participatory
narratives, as I was researching the influence of early computer games on
the conceptualisation of virtual worlds in literature and their subsequent

Michael's words about this list hopefully alleviating the isolation felt by
many of us very much struck a chord with me. I'm looking forward to the
discussions, even if I am likely to lurk and learn for extended periods of
time. I am particularly interested in making contacts with any other
scholars who have a background in literature, or who are at least

All the best


Nina Shiel
PhD Researcher in Comparative Literature
Research supported by the Irish Research Council

School of Applied Language and Intercultural Studies
Dublin City University, Dublin 9, Republic of Ireland

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