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I'll introduce myself, too. I'm Robert W. Gehl, assistant prof in the
Department of Communication at the University of Utah. I have a fresh
book out, Reverse Engineering Social Media, which is a critical
exploration of social media ending with a survey of social media
alternatives. I'm now working on a project on alternative social media,
including social networking on the dark web. I am also doing a
genealogy/history of software engineering, including networking. I teach
classes on science and technology studies, software studies, and media
studies. Everything I do I inform with history.



Robert W. Gehl
Assistant Professor, Department of Communication
Affiliated Faculty, University Writing Program
The University of Utah
www.robertwgehl.org | @robertwgehl
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Please read my book: Reverse Engineering Social Media

On 09/02/2014 08:59 AM, Andrea Guzman wrote:
> Hello all,
> Keeping the introductions going: I am a doctoral student in the
> Communication Department at the University of Illinois at Chicago. My
> research focuses on human-machine communication and artificial
> intelligence: cultural perceptions of and reactions to AI as well as how
> individuals make sense of agents, such as Siri. I also am a history geek
> and former journalist. As an instructor, I teach classes/conduct workshops
> on writing for the electronic media and social media as advocacy.  I also
> tweet about a variety of topics connected to my teaching and research at
> @TeachGuz. I look forward to our shared discussions.
> Andrea

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