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Hi Rik et alia = re your remark, Rik, re the connection of the Web and history with which I totally agree. Not only does electric communication and especially the Web create a global village as first suggested by McLuhan half a century ago; it also creates a global time machine in which we now live in all times at once - the entire history of humankind is online a few finger taps away. - Bob

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> Hello all,
> I'm Rik Smit, a third-year PhD candidate and lecturer in the Journalism an
> Media department at the University of Groningen. As a direct colleague of
> Michael's, I feel less isolated than some others in this mailing list. At
> least I've got someone to talk to.
> My PhD work is on the construction of collective (or maybe better,
> connective) memory in online spaces and settings. For some, this may sound
> esoteric or alien, maybe even totally out of focus of this mailing list.
> However, I'd argue that my research has a lot in common with the stuff web
> historians are working with and on.
> I examine the genres, practices, and uses of the web and new media that
> allow new and creative versions of the past to emerge. Case studies
> include: the construction of memory of the Syrian War on YouTube and memes
> as a web-native form that allows for historical remix.
> I'm very eager to (virtually) meet people who are working on similar or
> related topics.
> All the best from the Netherlands,
> Rik

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