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Hi all,

I believe Roya Rastegar, if she's not on this list, has been doing work on
some or all of these fests...I'm cc'ing her here.


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On 4/8/13 12:08 PM, "Stefanie Van De Peer" <sevdp at st-andrews.ac.uk> wrote:

>Dear Colleagues,
>Dina Iordanova and I are currently preparing the next volume in our
>series on film festivals, which will concentrate on film festivals and
>the Middle East. The commissioning stage has gone successfully, but we
>have identified a gap on work being done on festivals that take place in
>the Gulf region. The three largest and most prestigious film festivals in
>the Arab world, Doha Tribeca, Abu Dhabi and Dubai, are currently not
>properly covered in our plan, even though they are an inherent and very
>visible part of the circuit in the Middle East and worldwide.
>We are therefore wondering if there is someone we may not know about who
>is working on these festivals and would be qualified to assist us on this
>Looking forward to hearing from you:
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