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Nirmal Puwar n.puwar at gold.ac.uk
Thu May 6 10:37:58 CEST 2010

Hi All

Thank you for pulling this together.

The term 'New Universities' indexes a long standing development in the UK
between different types of universities, namely post-1992 legislation
institutions. So when I first read 'New Universities' I thought it was
confined to those universities. This for instance, would include Middlesex
but not Queen Mary or Goldsmiths.

Can I suggest the term 'New Universities' is changed, perhaps to
Innovating the University or University Transitions in Measure

I am sure there will be other suggestions.

As for contributors - Mary Evans who wrote 'Killing Thinking' would be a
good person to ask. She used to be a Head of Dept in Sociology and Social
Policy. M.S.Evans at kent.ac.uk

Ravi Sundaram from Sarai


On Thu, May 6, 2010 3:28 am, info\@edu-factory\.org wrote:
> Dear all,
> Following the postings on this list there has been some discussion in the
> edufactory collective about the call for the first journal issue. As a
> result we have redrafted the call to include a section devoted to the
> 'system of measure'. As you will see there is still a section about new
> universities and the global transition of higher education. We would now
> like to invite discusssion of the new call.
> In order to realise this first issue of the journal it is very important
> that members of the editorial board assist in the production process.
> This doesn't necessarily mean involvement in proof reading, editing or
> other tasks that require a high level of proficiency in the English
> language. First of all we need assistance to locate authors who can write
> to the issues identified in the call. Perhaps some of you are able to
> make contributions or perhaps you can suggest others who might be
> available. Geert has made the suggestion of a collectively written text
> on the issue of peer review and alternatives to it. We think this is a
> great idea and that this list could be used to develop such a text.
> Perhaps Geert or Gerald (who also had some comments about measure) are
> able to make some first steps here. Interviews and dialogues are fine ...
> the text would have to take its form.
> In any case, please share your ideas about the suggested journal issue
> and help us to locate potential authors, particularly for texts about new
> universities in countries like India, China, Brazil, Egypt and Russia.
> Many thanks,
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Dr Nirmal Puwar
Department of Sociology
Goldsmiths, London University.
Co-organiser of Methods Lab

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