<CPOV> Community run or royal decree?

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Apparently, Thomas Koenig (T.Koenig at surrey.ac.uk) on behalf of Juliana
Brunello, wrote:

It's also curious, how uncritically the authors adopt Wikipedia lingo,
they speak of "consensus", when in fact they are dealing with hegemony in
sociological terms.


It is also curious that both authors are themselves a part of the Wikimedia



I'm not saying there's anything "wrong" with being a long-time participant
in a subject, then conducting research about that subject.  However, I did a
lot of research in college and in grad school about the ethics of strategic
bombing, though I've never piloted a plane, nor dropped a bomb on an enemy,
nor ever been bombed.  I was decidedly undecided about the net effectiveness
of strategic bombing campaigns during World War Two.  War is such an
unquantifiable ethical conundrum, once waged.  I hope that my research was
better for the fact that I didn't carry the baggage of personal experience
with the phenomenon into my research.

Andrea Forte teaches at Drexel, about a 15-minute walk from my workplace.
Maybe we'll have lunch sometime and discuss the notion of Wikipedia's
"consensus" when it comes to snuffing out criticism of Wikipedia.

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