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Joseph Reagle joseph.2008 at reagle.org
Fri Jan 21 17:40:08 CET 2011

I left a comment about how much I appreciated the interview on the CPOV blog, but it never showed, but I'm glad to see it got a bit more attention and response at Wired.

As the situation between Wales/Sanger becomes ever more acrimonious and muddied the perspectives of others around at that time are ever more important. I'm guilty for focusing mostly on Wales and Sanger in my book -- and only allude to this issue via a reference to Kovitz in a footnote [1] -- because of my focus on Wikipedia as part of a long pursued "universal encyclopedia". However, I am greatly looking forward to historians -- and even biographers -- delving into this in time. (I'm confident this will happen, but perhaps it will take decades.)

[1]: The latest “co-founding” controversy was prompted by an interview with Jimmy Wales when he agreed with an interviewer's question that Sanger's claims were shaky because “he basically just put himself down as co-founder” on early press releases, in \cite{JohnsWales2009iww}. This prompted an “open letter” from \cite{Sanger2009olj}. Interestingly, the most credible and detailed account of the birth of the Wikipedia idea differs from both Wales’ and Sanger’s recollections, see \cite{Kovitz2009ub}.

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