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As promised, an updated list of documentary and fiction films on/concerning
film festivals. A revised version will become absorbed into the FF Research
website over the next few months. If any other films come to mind, please
send details off-list!

Draft List of Films (documentaries, shorts and fiction) on Film Festivals
(Draft of Dec 12, 2012):

1. Documentary films on film festivals:

Akouissone, Joseph. Burkina Cinema. (Burkina Faso, 1985, 18 minutes).
On the Fespaco of Sankara where the filmmakers helped the building of a

Almereyda, Michael, co-directed with Amy Hobby. AT SUNDANCE (1995).

Bargh, Peter van. Sodankylä Forever. [Sodankylä ikuisesti]. (Finland,
A documentary by the director of the Midnight Sun festival. It's a bit more
about the famous guests at the festival refelecting about film but a lot of
the atmosphere at the festival is captured.

Blumenberg, Hans-Christoph; Holighaus, Alfred. Spur der Bären: 60 Jahre
Berlinale [Trace of the Bears]. (Germany, 2010).
60 anniversary of the founding of the Berlin International FF.

Boughedir, Ferid. Twenty Years of African Cinema. [Camera  d'Afrique.]
(Tunisie, 1984, 99 minutes).

Dervisevic, Cazim and Masa Hilcisin. Queer Sarajevo Festival 2008
(Bosnia-Herzogovina, 2009).

Gavron, Laurence. Y'a pas de probleme: fragments de cinémas africains.
(France, 1995, 66 minutes).

Greyhavens, Teal. Cinema is Everywhere. 2011.
A documentary feature film that ties four narratives - from China, India,
Scotland, and Tunisia - together with countless insights from venerable
filmmakers and ordinary moviegoers.

Greyson, John. Covered. (Canada, 2009).
Short documentary reflecting on the brutal closing of the Sarajevo Queer
Film Festival in 2008.
Online http://vimeo.com/6308870

Guerin, José Luis. Guest (Spain, 2010).
A beautiful essay film on the one-year travel of the filmmaker from
festival to festival after he premiered his film "En la cuidad de Silvia"
in Venice.

Huestis, Marc. 25 - A Brief History Of The Festival. (2001).
Anniversary of founding of the San Francisco LGBT Film Festival (aka
Frameline). Not in distribution.

Jacob, Gilles. At least four documentaries on Cannes Film Festival.
Jacob, Gilles. Le cinéma dans les yeux. (France, 1987).
A compilation film celebrating 40 years of the Cannes Film Festival.

Jacob, Gilles. Une journée particulière [A Special Day]. (France, 2012).
As president of the Cannes Film Festival, Gilles Jacob conceived and
directed this 52' film. Using archive material and official footage, Jacob
follows 35 renown directors in their special day in Cannes during the 60th
anniversary of the festival: their arrival, photo call, glamorous walk on
the Croisette, press conference and dinner lit by fireworks. This film will
be presented and shown for the first time during the 2012 Cannes edition
and broadcasted simultaneously on Canal on May 20th 2012.

Johnstone, Iain. Billy Baxter Presents Diary of the Cannes Film Festival
with Rex Reed (TV doc, 1980).

Jong, Mijke de. Scenes from Rotterdam. (Netherlands, 1994, 35').
Compilation film. Shorts shot at the 1993 Rotterdam festival.

Kanyinda, Balufu Bakupa. Dix mille ans de cinema. (RDCongo, 1991, 11

Keuken, Johan van der. Sarajevo film festival (Netherlands, 1993).
Short documentary on a city and festival under siege.

Ouedraogo, Idrissa. Ougadougou, Ouaga deux roues. (Burkina Faso, 1985, 16

Price, Phil. The Festival (Canada, IFC TV, 2005–2006).
TV. A vérité-satire, The Festival is an ensemble comedy, told from the
perspective of fictional IFC documentarian, Cookie. Cookie's subject: Rufus
Marquez, a quixotic young director embarking on his virgin voyage to the
prestigious Mountain United Film Festival (MUFF.)

Spurlock, Morgan. Committed: The Toronto International Film Festival (2010).
Real-life special narrated and exec-produced by AMC correspondent Jacob
Soboroff follows four filmmakers as they take the journey of a life-time to
debut their films at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Tchackway, Melissa, Xavier Tutain and Laurent Yé. Cinema en plein air,
paroles de cineastes (1997).

Toshio, Iizuka. A Movie Capital (“Eiga no miyako YIDFF ’89”). (Japan, 1991)
On the 1989 Yamagata International Film Festival (YIDFF).

Toshio, Iizuka. A Movie Capital Again (“Eiga no miyako futatabi”). (Japan,
On the Yamagata International Film Festival (YIDFF).

Vincent, Samson. Erika Rabau - Der Puck von Berlin [Erika Rabau – Puck of
Berlin]. (Germany, 2008, 87min)
This one is more about the long-term press inhouse photographer of
Berlinale, but quite interesting about behind the scenes stuff at the

Xue Jianqiang. I beat Tiger When I was Young. (China, 2010).
Chinese indie filmmaker's documentary with interviews with Chinese
independent filmmakers and programmers, et al., and shot on occasions at
grassroots indie film festivals in mainland China. Trailer at

Yang, Yang. Our Story: Beijing Queer Film Festival 10 Years (China, 2011).

2. Fiction films that make significant reference to a film festival:

[Feel free to expand this section!]
“Fictions shot inside festivals tell a lot too - from Chahine to de Palma
in Cannes...”

Sophie Letourneur. Les Coquillettes. (France, 2012).
Shot at the Locarno Film Festival 2011.

Hong Sang-soo. Like You Know It All [Jal aljido mothamyeonseo lit]. (South
Korea, 2009).
Set in a Jeonju-like invented Festival.

Kim Dong-ho. JURY. (Korea, 2012).
The former  director of Busan International Film Festival made a fiction
film with various stars, including AHN Sung-ki, KANG Soo-yeon, JUNG In-gi,
Tony RAYNS and TOMIYAMA Katsu.

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