[Filmfestivalresearch] NECS 2014 cfp, pre-constituted panel "Festival Origins"

Jeffrey K. Ruoff Jeffrey.K.Ruoff at dartmouth.edu
Fri Dec 6 14:02:51 CET 2013

Hi everybody,

Given the level of interest on and off the listserv, I will put together a pre-constituted panel on "Festival Origins" for submission to NECS 2014.

>From each of you who is interested in possibly presenting on this panel, I would need a title, an abstract of maximum 150 words, 3-5 key bibliographical references, and a bio of maximum 100 words by Dec. 10.  I'll let you know by Dec. 20 which papers I'm proposing for the panel.

I'll submit the proposed panel in January and we can expect notification around the end of February.  As a reminder, the conference is free, but you have to be a NECS member and must register online for the conference.

All the best,


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