<synthesis> Call for VideoVortex #13 Online Assembly, Exhibition & Theory Fest

Donatella Della Ratta ddr at mediaoriente.com
Tue Feb 23 20:24:19 CET 2021

Hi Andreas (et all)
a big shoutout to this great idea of re-convening albeit just online (for
the moment) and doing something together with the VV community
I'm all in favor of it and, as I told Geert, I also want to throw a crazy
idea on the table, and see if the community is interested
We have a robot at John Cabot University, it's the one Audrey Tang the
Digital Minister of Taiwan used for her lecture in telepresence (pics
attached). It's easy to maneuver from a distance, and I'm gonna host an
event on March 30th for our lecture series using it, with different writers
performing from different parts of the world
In case it works, and in case the VV is inspired by the idea, we could host
one of the sessions of this soon-to-be gathering using the robot in
in any case, i'm all for having this gathering while we wait to be back to
normal, and then I'd love to host it 'in presence' here in Rome
ciao, dona

Donatella Della Ratta
twitter @donatelladr

Il giorno dom 21 feb 2021 alle ore 12:25 Andreas Treske <treske at gmail.com>
ha scritto:

> Dear all,
> With the infamous VideoVortex #12 in Malta still fresh in our memory
> (Sept. 2019) and the production of the Video Vortex Reader #3 in mid-2020
> behind us, we should come together again soon.
> Video Vortex related topics refuse to fade away ;) The online video
> universe is expanding at an exponential rate.
> That's why we propose to get together! This time online, in April/May,
> anticipating the next VV gathering in real life (in Trondheim, Rome,
> Amsterdam, or some other place) with a program of lectures,
> debates, screenings, exhibits, spread over several days and time zones.
> Possible topics might be
> - From Christchurch to the Capitol storming: Facebook, dlive and the
> politics of streaming
> - Rare video and the political economy of crypto art
> - TikTok theory in all shapes and sizes
> - Defi infrastructures & payments for moving images
> - Curatorial epidemics, commissioning, and programming
> - Covid, zoom fatigue, privatization, and the burden of remote work
> - Cancel culture and alternatives how to cope with difference and debate
> - Format change and the need for new methodologies, practice turn
> - Digital content on chains, licensing, tokenization, and liquid IPs
> - Chroma key dreams and algorithmic visibility
> - Futureless present
> - Politics of recommendation, filters, glitches, and noise
> - platform atmospheres and conditions
> - Aerobics Revolutions
> - software stagnation
> - Retro Image Theory in the age of Netflix and Amazon Prime
> - more from you …
> You may notice a slow but steady change in topics towards ‘MoneyLab,’ away
> from the classic YouTube studies and algorithmic manipulation, perhaps
> because the mainstream picked up on this. We are no longer living in 2016.
> If you like the idea and want to get involved, contact us! Together we can
> agree on a communication channel (Discord, email, Telegram, Signal, etc.)
> to proceed further.
> Yours,
> Andreas Treske (treske at gmail.com) & Geert Lovink (geert at xs4all.nl)
> www.networkcultures.org/videovortex
> --
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