[re-search] Some thoughts on academic search engine optimization

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Hi Theo (and list),

Thanks for your feedback and the interesting empirical example!
Actually, having the ranking in mind already when you compose the text 
is also one of the ideas of Beel et. al. I agree, that this method is 
questionable whereas the usage of correct metadata is absolutely desirable.


P.S.: Thank you also for CfP for Passau. I will most likely apply.

On 15.11.2012 11:29, Theo Röhle wrote:
> Hi,
> interesting text. I recently came across academic SEO in a newsletter 
> by a company that offers scientific proofreading and editing services 
> called "San Francisco Edit". They send out newsletters with advice on 
> writing academic papers and one time the title was "Optimizing Your 
> Paper for a Search Engine" (PDF here: 
> http://www.sfedit.net/optimizing.pdf).
> While it's obviously a good idea to add proper metadata to a document, 
> I think tips like "Check the competition for the words you have 
> chosen" and "Develop a clear, descriptive title" lead in the (wrong) 
> direction where journalism is already headed: You have the ranking in 
> mind already when composing a text and end up just assembling keywords 
> for maximizing page views.
> Best,
> Theo
> Am 14.11.2012 um 17:24 schrieb René König:
>> http://networkcultures.org/wpmu/re-search/2012/11/14/on-the-way-to-academic-search-engine-optimization/
>> Cheers,
>> René
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