<videovortex> videovortex Digest, Vol 13, Issue 9

Patrick Lichty voyd at voyd.com
Wed Jan 16 00:09:47 CET 2008

Hello, Video Vortex...

I will be in as well around 2 PM or so, after a good visit and small 
intervention with Furtherfield/HTTP in London.   Therefore, I hope you won't 
have any jetlag to deal with here.

I have had some great conversation regarding video in the age of the Internet 
here in the UK, and look forward to continue them in the Netherlands.

One point that I did not anticipate is that someone from the British Council 
told me that many video artists they knew were not technically proficient 
enough to engage with online video services, which I found confusing.

- best,
Patrick Lichty 

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