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Hi Patrick,
haha, that's funny, sounds like a good excuse not to be able to deal
with online video services. I even know one artist who did not deal
with video at all before he started shooting short video clips and
putting them online (even many times from Internet cafes because he
doesn't have a laptop). Maybe its the other way around that those
artists don't find the online video services satisfying in terms of
image quality. So online video services seem to evoke all kinds of
anachronistic behaviour.
See you Thursday, bye,

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Hello, Video Vortex...

I will be in as well around 2 PM or so, after a good visit and small
intervention with Furtherfield/HTTP in London.   Therefore, I hope you won't
have any jetlag to deal with here.

I have had some great conversation regarding video in the age of the
here in the UK, and look forward to continue them in the Netherlands.

One point that I did not anticipate is that someone from the British Council
told me that many video artists they knew were not technically proficient
enough to engage with online video services, which I found confusing.

- best,
Patrick Lichty


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