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> Another idea is that there could be more collaborations that allow for
differing people with varied skills from the creative idea through to
technical skills to get together and develop works. This mode I think is
very reflective of working with the web, from software development to
producing social software platforms. This way of working can take a bit of
trial and error, particularly if you are used to working solo and >having
total control.
> But, maybe there is other resistance going on here that I am missing?

Ive always found that offline video creators to be the most resistant to
learning how to put their work online.
the reasons given are several:

   - if they post their videos outside the gallery system, what's the
   point? They are used to a system where they must submit work, be accepted,
   then have someone else deal with distribution. many film festivals wont
   accept videos that have been shown online.
   - breaking the gallery system also breaks the traditional grant giving
   model. If I can make a video this afternoon and post it online for the whole
   world to see, why do I need your money? (of course artists still need
   financial support, but this is the thinking)
   - my friends who are visual artists also complain that current online
   video sites make their videos look shitty. the web design looks tacky, the
   compression is bad, and they feel they lose their copyrights. When I say
   they can make their own site and host their own videos, they say its too
   difficult (whoch is true for a newbie)

That's why Im glad this group exists.
This is also why we're making http://showinabox.tv. It needs to be easy for
visual creators to make a good looking site, which is also a CMS (like
wordpress) to manage their work.

Its time for the techies and artists to get together!
hope to meet many of you in Amsterdam.


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