<videovortex> resistances for video artists to post on the web (Re: videovortex Digest, Vol 13, Issue 9)

ReindeR Rustema subscriptions at reinder.rustema.nl
Wed Jan 16 11:46:38 CET 2008

At 18:18 +1100 16/1/08, Seth Keen wrote:
>But, maybe there is other resistance going on here that I am missing?


I know a video-artist who does not post anything online except some 
tiny low-res excerpts, stills and trailers of his work on his own 
domain. Posting his work online will directly affect his income 
negatively he explained to me last year. See http://www.roofvogel.org

When he posts his work online no festival wants to show his work, 
they want exclusivity. The collectors who buy his work want an 
exclusive copy. If it is available online it is less valuable. 
Ironically, the collector that buys all his work for his collection 
is a professor in copyright law at the University of Amsterdam...

He makes his work with funds (art, public television) thanks to his 
reputation. He wins prices and gets good reviews from art critics and 
so on. The number of hits or high ratings an artist's online videos 
get do not count for those councils.

Therefore, there is absolutely no incentive for him to post anything 
online. He would like to though, because he wants to show his friends 
what he is doing. Instead, we go to a premiere of his work at some 
festival or exhibition. With free drinks and fingerfood...


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