<videovortex> resistances for video artists to post on the web (Re: videovortex Digest, Vol 13, Issue 9)

Eleonora Oreggia xname at squat.net
Wed Jan 16 13:00:07 CET 2008

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On Wed, Jan 16, 2008 at 11:46:38AM +0100, ReindeR Rustema wrote:
> At 18:18 +1100 16/1/08, Seth Keen wrote:
> >But, maybe there is other resistance going on here that I am missing?
> Financial.

I think artists should consider there is a way in between, or better, 
there are two parallel possibilities you can run at the same time.

it is highly possible to divide art works in two main sectors:
on one side, downloadable *net-art*, content of public use and utility,
fragmented recycleable (pop) art. on the other side, numbered works for
collectors, gallery and museums.

if on one side we have works that are entities without a owner, whereas
the original and the copy are just the same, on the other side we go
back to
the physical fetish, for the sake of sustainability, and for the great
fun of playing with the market!

Imho nowadays artists should be able to develop both strategies of
distribution and diffusion.

If one artist is not intrigued by the wide possibilities of the net, he
probably does not have anything to say to the general public, nor has he
any curiosity or will to experiment.

If one artist is only interested in developing relations with galleries
and collectors,
probably those are the main targets of his message, the audience he is
talking to.

(No offence intended)

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