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Thu Jan 24 00:30:11 CET 2008

Video channels and .TVs

Thanks for inviting me to the Video Vortex conference, and especially  
the organizers and the other speakers.  It was a pleasure to meet you  

Some folks asked me for further information on Open Source video  
platforms, specifically the components available to build a Joomla  
video site.  It should be noted that as with any CMS there are  
security risks with using Joomla, and perhaps more so than with other  
CMSs (Drupal, f.ex), a great deal can be learned by using the  
overwhelming developer sites/forums.

First, it is helpful but not necessary to have a basic knowledge of  
PHP, mySQL, etc.

The ingredients are: Joomla (the core CMS), Seyret (the video-content  
component), and optional, Fireboard (for comments/ a message board  
component), Community Builder (for user profiles, memberships, etc).
Joomla: http://joomla.org/
Seyret: http://www.joomlaholic.com
Fireboard: http://www.bestofjoomla.com/
Community Builder: http://www.joomlapolis.com

I also mentioned a quick and easy way to set up an on-line video site  
(through a provider). Channelme.tv has it’s own terms of service that  
you should examine before using them to host a .tv domain.


Finally, I want to invite all of you to check out the project I co- 
administer: http://multitude.tv

Feel free to sign up for an account, currently users can only add  
videos from other servers; I also set up a Video Vortex group on the  
site in the Collaborate section, of course if you have any questions,  
let me know. I am especially interested in the kind of user agreement  
folks would like to see on such a site (a video content site), rather  
than conforming to a YouTube-”esque” agreement; we can write (and  
rewrite) our own.  We are preparing to launch an accompanying on-line  
Journal that will replace the current "Articles and Reviews" on the  
site; the first issue is on bio-mimetics, and we are still taking  
contributions if anyone is interested please e-mail me.

Thanks again to everyone involved in Video Vortex!

Matthew Mitchem
multitude.tv Co-administrator
matt at multitude.tv
matt.mitchem at gmail.com
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