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Hello all,
My thanks too for a very stimulating and rigourous conference.  Video Vortex was a substantial and valuable update on a fast-moving cultural storm.  I appreciated the hospitality and precise work by the organizers and enjoyed the generousity and overall good vibe and intelligence of the presenters and attendees.  I've been writing since our meeting and the positive jolt of Video Vortex/Amsterdam has helped me close some gaps in my thinking about how the present scenario might unfold into another chapter in the immediate future.  Rarely have I experienced such a level of excitement and anticipation mixed with a sensible measure of anxiety. Yes, all hell is breaking loose with this on-line video phenomena. 
My presentation, The Nine Lives of Video Art, focused on vernacular video, the tidal wave of video currently being uploaded to the Web from a full spectrum of newly empowered individuals and groups (competing for audience with media conglomerates dumping their products and advertising on sites like YouTube).  For those interested in my thoughts on vernacular video and how it is effecting the perception and aesthetics of video art, please check out my essay, "Vernacular Video," which was circulated widely through listservs and blogs in 2007.  Here's a link to a clean version posted on the NOEMA website:
Hoping to keep up with many contacts made at Video Vortex, and to continue this valuable exchange,
I wish you all the best, Tom.
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