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On Jan 26, 2008 6:45 PM, Geert Lovink <geert at xs4all.nl> wrote:
> http://www.slum-tv.info/
> The foundation of SLUM-TV SLUM-TV wants to documents the lives of the
> people in the slum and to reevaluate these lives through the camera. A
> camera always attracts attention. Our partners from the slum film and
> document the life in Mathare. The small movies are then shown in public
> places in Mathare, like a newsreel. In Mathare, there exist a variety
> of self-established cinemas. Mostly American and African films and
> European football is shown there. Analogous to weekly news-shows in the
> early age of television our partners want to show their contributions
> in these cinemas, and maybe to charge a small entree fee in order to
> finance videotapes and other material.

we did a similar project in Pune, India last year:
We taught a group of guys to videoblog, and they posted weekly stories
of street characters.

It was a very grassroots effort as documented on the about page:
We paid for the equipment, built the site, and taught them to videoblog.
The Indians shot, edited, and posted videos on their own.

I like Swajana because you can contact the creators directly to ask
them questions.


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