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https://hackernoon.com/fortnite-and-roblox-are-changing-social-media-as-we-know-it-joc531pl <https://hackernoon.com/fortnite-and-roblox-are-changing-social-media-as-we-know-it-joc531pl>

The conclusion states:

It's difficult to see kids “graduating” from Fortnite and Roblox and moving on to traditional social media. A 2D scrollable feed of Instagram doesn't sound so exciting after having grown up in a 3D virtual world.
“There is something missing in conventional social media right now. We have social networks like Facebook, KakaoTalk, Twitter and Naver for communication. But they’re all based on text, pictures and movies. I think the next step is going to be having social experiences where you can get together with your friends in a virtual world, wherever you are,” — Tim Sweeny, Founder of Epic Games (Fortnite)
I think this is one of the biggest opportunities in consumer internet today. Building the virtual worlds and related tech people will use for everyday online communication in the future.
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